Wednesday, March 13, 2002

Spring Cleaning

As of today, we are still having snow... so unfortunately, no, it's not spring yet. However, I am trying to get in gear to get some major decluttering and organizing done. Expect more posts about this as I work through it...

Here's a great site for decluttering and getting your home under control... still working on it here!

Fly Lady

Here are some a few more helpful websites I've found with ideas for decluttering. What it boils down to is that we just have too much stuff! Way too much stuff! Why is it so easy to accumulate and so hard to get rid of? Maybe that's why we think we have to work as hard as our grandmothers did at maintaining our homes. We have all these modern conveniences, but about 40 times as much "stuff"! And maintaining "stuff" is work!

Calico Pages
Clutter Bug

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