Saturday, August 31, 2002

Labor Day Weekend Geocaching

Welcome to Priest Lake: This was Cache #1 for our Labor Day weekend day trip to the Priest Lake area. Great cache to start with. First we hiked down to find the cache and enjoyed looking through the post cards and reading the logs. Back at the parking lot we read the kiosk for information on the area and picked up a visitor's guide booklet. Great start to a fun day!

Soldier Creek Stash: This was our second find of the day. We drove around in circles a bit trying to decide on the best way to approach the location, but did end up parking fairly close. We had noticed several dirt-bikers on the road, so when we located the cache we smuggled it back to the van to log it and look through it. Pickin's were gettin' kinda slim in this one, so we left more than we took to kinda help restock it. I think maybe it had been found accidentally a time or two recently and maybe those folks didn't have anything to trade or something. Anyway, we left a batch of goodies for the next finders! The bridge was very interesting-- cool seats-- although we didn't have the nerve to try them!

Cougar Rock Cache: After a couple of easy finds to start the day, this hike was more of a physical challenge to us. As we were hiking up the last part of the road I told RacerDude that I was hoping for a nice view at the top to make it worthwhile. He said he suspected I would get my wish. And, boy, did I! It was well worth hike. We sat on the rocks and enjoyed the gorgeous view of Priest Lake as we caught our breaths and logged the cache.

Shoe Tree Stash: Campers VERY near the tree and we decided to not bother them. We would've had to go right through their campsite to look for the cache, so decided to try again another trip. Very fascinating landmark, though. The kids were full of questions! I only had one... WHY???

Hunt Falls Cache: I'm starting to lose track, but I think this was find #5 for today. We were able to drive fairly close to this one, to give us a break from the previous two moderate hikes. Beautiful falls! Thanks for showing us the way. We would have never found this area on our own.

Hanna Flats Stash: Find #6 of the day. I love these easy hikes through ancient forests! So peaceful and relaxing. The history of the area is fascinating. We stopped to read each marker. Beautiful area. Thanks for letting us know about it.

Bigs Flat Tire Blues Cache: Cute theme for a cache, Don! And a great hiding spot! I can't believe how soft the forest floors are in this area. Just years and years of decaying vegetation building up to make a carpet, I guess. It was pretty cool. We left a bungee (that almost fits the theme, doesn't it? kinda? maybe?) and bunch of car-safety stickers and an old-time radio comedy tape to help you forget your blues! This was find #7 for us for the day.

Huff Lake Cache: Another interesting site. Find #8 for the day. I'm so glad there are caches hidden at so many of the Must See sites around Priest Lake. It makes us go out of our way to find them, and then we are so glad we did. This was a fascinating area. The kids loved the floating dock!

Roosevelt Grove Cache: This was our 9th and final find for the day. Good thing, too, 'cause this hike just about did us in. The nice thing was there were two highlights to the hike-- the breath-taking falls and the awesome ancient trees. THIS is where I want to camp when we get to come up here camping sometime! Thanks again for taking us places we would've never found on our own! It was a great day!

Friday, August 30, 2002

Cache Art, Study in Camo 2

This cache was located in a park close to the print shop where my husband works. The kids and I went back several times before we found it...

July 21, 2002: Well, it goes against my grain to post a Not Found but I suppose to be fair, I should report that we attempted to find this one, but finally had to give up... for the day anyway! After about 2 hours of wandering around in circles in the blazing hot afternoon sun, we finally decided to cool off and try again another day. I guess we're not yet up to niskibum's sneakiness! Looking forward to posting a Found It! soon!

August 30, 2002: I found it! I found it!! I'm still not gonna tell you how many times I went back to look for it. (Although, I did confess in the actual cache log.) Great hide... and it's been such a fun challenge! Now, on to the next challenge!

Sunday, August 25, 2002

Cache Bash

The Cache Bash picnic was fun!! We had a great time. The girls loved the kids' cache and had a great time playing afterwards. Then I left Racerdude at the shelter to watch the kids and took off after the multi-cache. For the first three I just kinda let the arrow point me in the right direction and then headed toward where-ever the crowd seemed to be gathered. Lobo said he'd seen me do that before! LOL! (We came upon them on one of our early caches.) After the slime cache I decided to strike off on my own and head for the other coordinates that for some reason most people didn't seem to be going for. Wonder why? Along the way I met up with Rick (not sure what his screen name is) and we had a great time hiking up (and then back down) a completely unneccesary mountain! Back down by the river we met up with Donad_D and another guy (not sure who it was, sorry), so the four of us thrashed around in the bushes looking for the elusive something else. I finally found it cuddled up against a log, snuggly wrapped in pine needles and bark. I pulled it out but when I saw that it said, This is not the final cache. You don't want to open this. Really you don't. I convinced Rick that HE wanted to! Lovely screech!!! THEN Donad_D tells us that he and the other guy KNEW it was not the final cache. They'd already been to the final one and gotten their tickets. They just wanted to see what something else was! SO Rick and I backtrack to the real final cache and after just a little bit of searching we got our tickets, too!

Oh, and there were a couple of guys eating their lunch down by the river who asked me exactly what we were trying to accomplish! I was glad I was with a bunch of other idiots thrashing around in the bushes looking at our little gizmos! I just told them we were playing a game, looking for a hidden box using coordinates. They probably still thought we were idiots!

Back at the shelter we enjoyed good food and good company. Great bunch of people! RacerDude and I later commented on how interesting it was that it was such a diverse group of people. Lotta fun!

Sunday, August 18, 2002

Snakepit Cache

We placed our first cache today, and when we checked back later to see if it had been approved, we saw this brand-new one. Another rookie cache within 10 miles of the one we placed! At the beginning of the summer there were no caches in Shoshone County... now there are several!!

We've been waiting a year for this bike trail to open up, so were very excited to see a cache there. We grabbed the bikes and took off. Beautiful bike ride! The segments that we've been on so far promise that this is going to be a really great bike trail when it's all opened up. (RacerDude tells me it's due to be officially open by the end of September!!)

Great spot for a cache. It was late in the evening so we didn't take a picnic, but it would sure be a good place for one! Oh... and we decided to pass on the mountain oysters!!!

Saturday, August 17, 2002

Saturday Geocaching

Osprey Point: We loved this cache! Not too long of a hike. Not too hard to find. Great hiding spot! Great view! The kids played in the lake for a little bit and we took a few minutes just to relax and enjoy the scenery.

Mustang #1: We took the long way in (unintentionally). It was a nice hike, but kind of a hot day for it. By the time we reached the cache location we were huffin' and puffin'! RacerDude gets the credit for finding this one. Good hiding spot!

Tubb's Hill Cache: Interesting to find an active cache that's so old. (I guess a year can be called old, huh?) Still a pretty good little cache. This was our second one on Tubb's Hill today. Found Mustang 1, also. After a long hike all the way around the hill it was nice to have 2 caches to look for!

Cache Art, Study in Camo 1: Boy, was I tickled to find this one on the first try, after the luck I've been having with Camo 2!!! I actually discovered this one myself, then I quickly rehid it and called RacerDude over to see if he could recognize it. He did, after I pointed him in the right direction. Love the camo! Reckon the Wall gallery has more works of a similar nature?

We were a little baffled as to why this area has a sign proclaiming it a park... but whatever! LOL!

Thursday, August 8, 2002

Treaty Rock Geocache

Nice little cache... The kids found this one. They took a yo-yo and a button. We left a different button, a compass, and some stickers.

Sunday, August 4, 2002

Settler's Grove Geocache

Whoo-hoo! This is the first niskibum cache we've found! After our failed attempts at Camo Art 2 I was beginning to wonder if I was just an idiot, or what! It gives me great comfort to be able to log this one as Found... and we were the first finders, at that!

We thoroughly enjoyed the hike. The trail is simply beautiful! It's amazing to me that more people don't know about these gorgeous places, but I guess they're off the beaten path far enough to not attract the general run of commercial-type tourists. The kids took off their shoes to wade in the creek but they didn't last long as the water was COLD!

It took us a long time to finally find the cache once we got to the hillside... (In my out-of-shape book it's more than a hillside! LOL!) Even with the spoiler picture it was quite a challenge to find. We had no signal at all on the hill.