Friday, December 3, 2004

Ramblin' Update

Most of the snow from earlier in the week is gone. It's wet and gray and miserable outside today. But... they are forcasting 6 inches of snow for tonight/tomorrow. So... I *have* to get out there and get those leaves raked up today. Stupid late-falling tree!! Now the leaves are all wet and soggy. Not as bad as they will be if I leave them till spring, though.

I need to go to Michael's some time today to get the tempra paint for the stage sets for our Christmas program. We will be working on that in the morning. Which reminds me, I also need to draw up a rough draft of what I have in mind for the sets. Fun, fun!

I set a goal at New Year's to read the Bible through in 2004. Well, I'm really going to have to do some marathon reading to make it. I'm a little over half through with Isaiah, then I have all the rest of the OT prophets to read, plus the book of Revelation. Unfortunately, the prophets aren't exactly the easiest part of the Bible to read! I almost need a commentary to figure out what they're talking about half the time. Our pastor has read the Bible through every year for 30-some years! He said that it occurred to him that God gave us the whole Bible for a reason, so he figured that it must be important for us to read the whole thing. I think he has a good point. Wouldn't have to be the whole thing in a year, though, I don't suppose. Still, I spend enough time reading everything else... I can do this!

Well, I'm off to rake leaves. Later you might find me buried somewhere in Isaiah or Jeremiah!

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