Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Show-off Horse

Animals are so funny! I have always enjoyed the antics of cats and dogs... but I never realized how funny horses are, too. My brother raises Arabians. He has 3 stallions and several mares. We were visiting him last week and he decided to let one of the stallions out of the barn into a corral. The stallions basically live in the barn and take turns getting turned outside for exercise. Well, this was the "granddaddy" stallion... 20-some-years-old... but still whickering at the mares. My brother said it was a "wolf whistle"! The old feller didn't know that particular mare was his granddaughter, nor did he care! (Okay, I guess it was really a filly, rather than a mare, since she's only about a year old and has not been bred yet.)

So, he goes trotting out in the corral, happy to be out where he can kick up his heels. The first thing he did was lay down and roll over on his back, waving his legs in the air, rolling from side-to-side. That was hilarious to watch! I guess that was how he scratched his back. Then he got up and "played" with my brother. The stallion would lunge at Tim, then Tim would run and the horse would chase him. They were both having a fine time! My husband and I had started back for the house, but we were walking along the corral fence. We stopped to watch the "show", but we were a good ways down the fence from where my brother was. The horse would run the length of the corral, but never go near the fence except where we were! He would dash over and kick dirt at us and then go on! It was a riot! We decided that he knew we were watching him, and he was showing off for us. Tim told us later that was exactly what he was doing!

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