Sunday, June 26, 2005

Left Behind Kids series

We've been listening to the Left Behind Kids books in the car as we travel. They are really more "teen" stories than they are "kids"... the characters are middle school/high school age kids. We are almost finished with the second set. We have the first 3 sets so far. I'll have to see about getting the others. There are 6 sets of CDs or tapes, I think. The public library has the first set. CBD has the second set on cassette for $1.99... and I downloaded the third set from It's taken us awhile to get around to listening to them... partly because of the maturity of the subject matter, but they have been good. They present the message of salvation repeatedly throughout, and talk about having the right motives for accepting Christ... because you truly want to have a relationship with Him, not just for what you can get or to avoid hell. And, of course, there is edge-of-your-seat excitement.

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