Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Summer fun

I took the kids to soccer this morning. No... I haven't turned into a soccer mom yet! LOL! Another homeschool family in the area has organized a "soccer camp" for kids ages 6-13 to meet once a week this summer to learn the rules and just play some scrimmage games. It's not real teams or anything like that. And it doesn't actually meet all summer. Just this week and next, and then the month of August. Anyway, I thought it would be worthwhile. Be a good way for the kids to get some exercise, learn something, and play with other kids. I wondered if they would like it... They did!

They've been begging to "play in the water" for the last 2 days. It is finally warming up enough here that they think it's "just so hot" that playing in the water sounds fun. We don't have a pool or anything but they like to get wet with the hose. It's just such a mess! Soggy dripping clothes... (I won't let 'em wear swimsuits in the yard because our yard is *very* public) ...and just now I was informed that water leaked into the basement and is now all over the floor in their room! I don't *need* this! *SIGH*

We leave on Thursday morning for my last homeschool convention of the season, in Billings, Montana. Naturally I have a lot yet to do to get ready to go. Why does life always have to be so hectic?

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