Friday, July 1, 2005

Life Just Isn't Fair

My 12yo thinks it should be! I was chewing gum today. She asked if she could have a piece. I told her, "No." (I was outside at the time, and the gum was in my purse. I didn't want her to go digging for it. But I also didn't feel obligated to explain all that to her.) She comes back with, "But you have a piece!" I told her, "Get over it. Just because I have gum in my mouth doesn't mean you are entitled to it! You often have gum when I don't!" I guess she accepted the logic of that because she didn't say anything else about the gum. Still... you'd think she'd know better than to sass by now. "Mom" is being inconsistent there somewhere.

Not two minutes later she is whining, "How come R's sunflower is taller than mine?" (They each planted a seed in a cup a couple months ago, and then transplanted them to the flower bed. The plants are now maybe a couple feet tall.) Good grief! Like I'm supposed to control how fast the plants grow?!? Of course she knows that plants grow at different rates of speed! She was just wanting to complain!

That was a perfect example to me of how it's futile to try to make everything "fair" for the kids. Some things are just out of my control! Yes, I could've dropped what I was doing to go scrounge up a piece of gum for the poor deprived child, ...but I chose not to. What was I supposed to do about the sunflower, though? Cut off her sister's plant so it wouldn't be taller than hers?

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