Monday, July 25, 2005

What next?

This is it. We have arrived. There is nothing left to get. We have it all!

My DH's cell phone was acting up so he went to the phone store to see about getting a replacement. While he was there he got a cable to connect his cell phone to his laptop. We can connect to the internet via cell phone while we're tootling down the highway!! At first I though, oh, yeah, I've heard of being able to check your email over your cell phone... but no, this actually connects your computer to the 'net! Just like if you had it connected to a regular phone line. It does use up minutes so we'll only be connecting during free hours (nights and weekends), but still... it just boggles my mind!

We plan to drive all night tomorrow night, headed to the family reunion. Guess what we'll be doing to stay awake while we travel? Well, no, not the driver (DH)... but maybe I can find something interesting online to keep us both entertained and awake! 'Course, cell phone signals aren't always the greatest in parts of the west.

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