Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Puppy Training

We went to the library last night to see if we could find some books on dog training. Our pup is still a little young for "formal" obedience school. They usually start at 4 - 6 months. Cookie is just now 3 months old. We thought we oughta start training her a little anyway! And we're very much amateurs when it comes to dog training. We just let our last dog do whatever... However he was at this stage 15 years ago. And that was pre-kid! Now we know a little more about training babies/children, so we thought some of the same principles oughta apply to little dogs! There oughta be a book! Well, this was the one we found on puppies, and it's a good one. Very practical advice. For example, we didn't know we shouldn't let her be "mouthing" us. It's cute and it seems like play... but according to this expert, by allowing her to "bite" us (even though it's not aggressive and it doesn't hurt) we are actually showing her submission. Dogs are pack animals and humans need to let the dog know that we are the pack leaders not them! I dunno. Sounds kinda silly, but if it will make the puppy mind us better, I'm all for it! I know we will enjoy a well-behaved little dog much more than a "wild thing"!

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