Monday, September 19, 2005


Well, I was gonna post "before" and "after" pictures of our house. We finally finished painting it Saturday. Also, Lyle built new front steps... (and I'm quite impressed with his work, carpenter that he isn't!)... and we replaced the indoor/outdoor carpet on the porch. Spruced the ol' house up quite nicely!

However, it was overcast Saturday evening when we finished, so I decided to wait until Sunday afternoon to take some pictures... which I did. But I didn't get around to transferring the pics to the computer, and my BIL came by when I wasn't home to borrow the digital camera. Lyle didn't know I had pictures on it. So... you'll have to wait till I get the camera back to see the pictures. I could show you the "before" picture, but nah... it will be more dramatic if you see them together.

My days are so full. I worked out a "school" schedule with some flexibility built in. Last week was not real organized. I am hoping things will come together as we go along. Lyle says I just need to keep "plugging along". I guess that's all I can do. But now I need to find some time every day for piano practice (30 minutes, at least, I think), as our church pianist moved away and I'm filling in. I'm not what you'd call a good pianist by any stretch of the imagination, but I do know that practice will help.

Cookie goes back for the rest of her puppy shots this afternoon, so that's a 2-hour chunk of my day. I am scheduled to work tomorrow and Thursday. Wednesday is our homeschool co-op orientation. Also, L has one class that day. Her Apologia science lab starts a week earlier than other classes... (And, oh, yeah... I need to be ready to teach my classes by a week from Wednesday!) Then, we plan to go camping this weekend, since we had to cancel our plans for camping on Labor Day, and we haven't been out all summer. We will go Thursday evening and come back Saturday evening.

I think the coffee's done. I need to go check the clothes in the dryer, and then pour some coffee and take my Bible out on the porch. The kids will be up anytime.

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