Wednesday, October 19, 2005

10-year-old Boys

The little boys in my Character Qualities class crack me up. As I mentioned before, they are all about 10. It's such a funny age. Today's character quality was Gratefulness. One of the activities was an acrostic of the word "gratefulness" written on the board and then the class was supposed to think of things they were grateful for that started with those letters. The first thing one of the little guys thought of was "Great-grandparents!" Skipped right over the grand-parents to the great-grandparents. LOL! So for a few minutes everyone was randomly calling out things that they could think of. I told them I wanted to cover the whole board. Well, after several minutes of brainstorming and basically naming every toy and food and animal they could think of... they struck on insects and reptiles! "Gratefulness" has 2 S's, you know! So we got spiders, and snakes, and scorpions!!! And, of course lizards... and praying mantises would have been added to list if only there was a P in gratefulness! LOL! Only 10-year-old boys would be grateful for such things! I told them that was like being grateful for mosquitoes! At the end of the class I told the lady who was helping me that every noun that popped into their heads that started with those letters went on the board.

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