Thursday, July 13, 2006


May I just say that I am grateful to have a functioning computer this morning? I nearly lost it last night... and that's not a loss I can exactly afford right now!

We are staying in our camper for 2 or 3 weeks while we get moved, so I've been using my laptop. Yes, I do have 2 computers: my main one on my desk, which is currently disconnected/packed/in pieces/whatever! and my laptop which goes with me to conventions and anywhere else I go. My desk computer is also "sick" right now (DH says he thinks the motherboard is going out), so rather than risk losing data I have switched to using my laptop until I can afford for DH to rebuild my desk computer. (I have to have a computer for work!)
So... imagine how sick I was last night when a bottle of water turned over right onto my laptop's keyboard! I immediately grabbed it and turned it over to drain the water out. It was still on, so I turned it off and then we started trying to dry it out. We decided it would speed things along if we used a blow dryer on it. After awhile DH started trying to turn it back on. The power light would come on but Windows wouldn't come up. I was nearly in tears. DH got on his laptop to see what he could find out. The first bit of information he found was: Never use a blow dryer to dry out a computer. Apparently it can cause static electricity to build up which can be very harmful. Wonderful. I was just sure the computer was permanently dead. I went to bed, very discouraged.

DH continued to work on it. He took the hard-drive out and discovered that it was still damp inside. So he just left it to dry some more.

This morning when we got up he tried rebooting... I have never been so happy to see the Windows screen come up!! We still can't get it to run on the battery, only if it's plugged in. Laptop batteries aren't cheap to replace, but they are considerably cheaper than the whole computer.

I am grateful!!

The moral to the story is: Don't leave bottles of water near your computer. Or if you do, make sure it's just water, not some other beverage! And if you should happen to spill water on your keyboard, don't use a blow dryer to speed the drying process! (It didn't seem to harm mine this time, but now we know that's not a good idea.)