Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Sometimes ya just gotta wonder...

...why is it that some people never really grow up?

I have been hurt at various times throughout my life by numerous people... most of the time unintentionally, I'm sure. Or, at least, I like to give them the benefit of the doubt. I don't always understand someone's motive, so I try to excuse them that they didn't know better or didn't really mean it the way I took it. It still hurts, but it does allow me to basically shrug it off and move on. When we all get to Heaven either we'll understand... or it won't matter any more!

However, every now and then I run into someone so obnoxious that I struggle to understand how they could get that old and still be that immature and down-right ugly. My excuse with young people who act that way is that... well, they're still young... they'll learn. But what is excusable in a college kid is not-so-excusable in a middle-aged person! There is absolutely no excuse for some behavior.

A few weeks ago we were excited to get to go to a new Sonic in area. (Understand that I love Sonic drinks and until now it has been an 8-hour drive to the nearest Sonic! ) Well, apparently we weren't the only excited ones. There was a block-long line down the alley with a Sonic employee directing cars into stalls as they got to the head of the line. The line was moving pretty quickly so it was soon our turn. We were directed to a particular stall and as we turned to go in, a motorcycle zoomed up the alley and cut in front of us and darted into the stall ahead of us. We were shocked! My DH rolled his window down and called out to the guy, "You might want to wait your turn like everyone else!" The guy yelled back, "I'm on a motorcyle. I can do anything I want!" I was just so amazed that someone would be that blatantly rude. We talked with the kids (who witnessed it, of course) about what kind of upbringing this poor person must have had to make him think that was okay.

Another example: Several years ago I was involved in a friendly chat room. It was mostly older men (besides me) but the discussions were never inappropriate, always clean, and my husband knew I participated in it. In fact, he got to know a couple of the guys on there some. However, there was this one strange character that was just kind of an "odd duck"... Middle-aged and single (for good reason!), and a Christian man, but very lacking in social skills. He was constantly making unneccessary and rude comments. Nothing hateful or nasty, but just mostly chauvenistic and judgemental. Most of the other guys didn't care for his personality and one day he just took it a step too far so the administrators made the decision to ban him from the chat room. He had my Yahoo IM so occasionally he would try to IM me but by that point I just ignored them. He just kinda gave me the creeps. That was 4 or 5 years ago. And eventually I quit using Yahoo IM so I didn't hear from him any more. Recently I started using Yahoo again and when I booted it up I noticed that there were several messages from him dated way back in the winter and everyone of them just said, "Hi!" I figured he was just trying to strike up a conversation again, but I didn't think too much about it. Well, this weekend I got an IM from him that basically said that he noticed I was online and he wanted me to know he had zero respect for me and he was sure I was going to hell. The poor, sad man. No wonder he can't "win friends and influence people"! I told my DH about it and we just shook our heads. Obviously, I didn't bother to respond.

Then just today, someone very close to me was bombarded with some of the most awful attitudes and opinions and downright hatred that I have ever in my life seen or heard! This person also claims to be a Christian, but I'm sorry... there is just no way!

I just fail to understand... how can middle-aged people (who supposedly have the benefit of years to learn how to behave)... who claim the name of Christ (Who would never act or say such things)... who were raised in Christian homes and should know better... ever live with themselves for expressing such ugliness? (Okay, I have no idea if the motorcycle guy at Sonic claims to be a Christian or not, but the other 2 do.)

Lord, please keep me sweet!!!

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