Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Rambling update

Every time I post, I think, "Well, that wasn't so hard! I should do that more often. Yup. Gonna start blogging every day." And then, of course, I don't because when I think about it, it just seems like too much effort...

Tomorrow is the last day of the fall trimester for our homeschool co-op. I'm so ready for the break! We don't start back up again until mid-January, and I finally bit the bullet and only agreed to do half-days for the winter trimester. I've been waffling on that for 2 months! First, I think we'll quit... then I think we won't... I weighed the pros and cons and still didn't come to a good conclusion... DH wasn't a bit of help. I begged him to make the decision for me. Doesn't he get the idea? I'm willing to be a "submissive wife"! Just tell me what to do! He won't. So... I finally compromised. We'll go for 2 classes instead of 4.

Got the kids' school pictures back today. The photographer captured great smiles! The only drawback was that for some reason all the pictures came back too dark. The entire homeschool group's pictures were all too dark. And nobody had backgrounds on their pictures. It was the kind of deal where you choose the background and they add it in digitally later, or something. I don't really understand how that's done... but these are just blah-dark... no color, not even really black. The photographer was just really having a bad day that day. He forgot some critical part and had to go back to Spokane after it, so the picture-taking was delayed an hour or more. It was a mess! They've offered to retake them, but I'm not sure I want to go through the hassle again. Hopefully they'll just refund our money. The disappointing thing is, they were actually really good pictures!

The mountain out my window has snow on it. Today was the first day the sun shone since it snowed up there. I really enjoyed my view today! But another storm is supposed to be moving in, so we'll probably get snow tonight or tomorrow. It will still be pretty, just not as dramatic as when there's snow on the mountain and not down here. We've actually already had snow twice, but both times melted off within a day or two. It's still a little early for it to stay any length of time.

Still working on trying to get the dog to not bark when we leave her home alone. Funny thing is, she's not usually a barker... at least when we're around. But we can't leave her home, because the other lady in the building sleeps days. We've been watching "The Dog Whisperer". Fascinating show. He recommends walking the dog for at least an hour a day to wear her out before we leave, but who has time for that? But then he demonstrated how to teach your dog to walk on a treadmill, if you don't have time to walk the dog that much. So now I'm looking for a second-hand treadmill, cheap! We think it's hilarious! But, hey... if it works...

Finally saw "Cars" on Saturday night. DH bought it for the kids. (At least, that's what he said! ) After our sojourn on Route 66 this summer, we especially enjoyed the extras on the DVD telling what inspired the movie. DH is a huge auto-racing fan, so he loved all the parodies of the race car drivers and other celebrities. I told him, "I'm sure I'm not appreciating this movie as much as you are." He said, "I'm sure you're not either!"

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