Friday, December 29, 2006

Lesson Plans for the New Year

I told the girls a few days ago that they didn't have to do school work this week. Chores, yes. School work, no. Their response? "Why?" I couldn't believe it! I guess they've gotten used to me telling them, "I don't care whether or not the public school kids are out of school, you still need to do school today."

I've been trying to put in some extra hours of work while I have the chance. My goal for today is to get my bedroom organized better. There is still a mountain of boxes of "miscellaneous" to do something with, from when we moved in August! It's driving me nuts.

I have also been spending some time this week getting lesson plans and materials all set up to start school fresh next Tuesday. My 11yo has an "auditory processing deficiency". We have been seeing a neurodevelopmentalist to help us plan out her school work to help her make the most progress. Her re-eval was the Wednesday before Christmas, so we have a new program to start. I've been gathering materials and printing out appropriate worksheets and setting up a schedule for her. I am modifying a chore pack that came with the Managers of Their Chores book I got last summer, to list all the various activities she needs to do. I'm color coding them to help her see which ones need to be done once a day, twice a day, etc.

For math, I've been printing out some worksheets from The Math Worksheet Site. I am so impressed with what is available there! I highly recommend it as a supplement to any math program. The site has a free section, but the subscription section is well worth the price! (You can subscribe for a month for $2.50 or for a year for $20.)

For Bible, I plan to print out some of the lessons at Calvary Chapel Children's Bible Curriculum. Top quality worksheets for every story you can think of in the Bible! And it's completely free!

Now, if I could just find some nice worksheets featuring Christian heroes of the faith. I've seriously been considering developing my own! My kids enjoy have puzzle sheets or coloring sheets to do as they listen to read-alouds.

I'm also looking for some color-by-number print-outs. That is supposed to help my daughter with attention to detail. I have found a few pages online, but nothing I'm real impressed with yet.

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