Thursday, March 1, 2007

We're planning our summer vacation. Fun thing to do on a snowy late-winter day, huh? We finally got the date and place for our family reunion pinned down, so now we can plan our route and any sight-seeing we want to do along the way. We love road-trips!
Last year we made a southerly loop to the west coast and back up, hitting the Grand Canyon and historic Route 66. This year we will be making a northerly loop to the mid-west and back up, hitting a couple of the middle northern states we haven't been in before-- North Dakota and Minnesota.
My husband planned the route and the overnight stops and then handed me the list and asked me to find points of interest. The first thing I did was Google for the state tourism website for each state and request travel brochures. When I got to the Minnesota website, I thought of going to Walnut Grove to see the Laura Ingalls Wilder home there. So I looked it up on the map to see how far out of the way it was from our planned route. It wasn't right on our route, but close enough that I thought we could possibly re-plan the route. I suggested that to my husband, and he was okay with it. (Love that man! Of course he's not interested in Little House on the Prairie, but he's always willing to take me anywhere I want to go!)
So we re-planned the route. We will hit Little Town on the Prairie (De Smet, South Dakota) one afternoon and tour the buildings there. The next morning we will visit The Banks of Plum Creek (Walnut Grove, Minnesota) before we continue on our journey.
Can you tell I'm a life-long fan of Laura Ingalls Wilder's books? Now, like the good home-school mom I am, I need to find a unit study we can do between now and then! Any suggestions?

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