Friday, May 4, 2007


I've been having so much fun blogging and visiting blogs lately. I started a blog on Xanga back in 2002 and have kinda blogged in spurts since then. I didn't know very many other people who blogged, and didn't really find very many blogs I wanted to read regularly. But this past winter I took it up again and began to explore the blogging world a little more, and found all kinds of fun things! I ended up moving my blog to my own domain because none of the freebie servers out there offered what I wanted in the way of lay-out flexibility. There are for-pay blogger sites, of course, but since I already pay for my own domain I thought I could just use that. Well, I'm discovering there are limitations here, as well. Mostly limitations in my techno-knowledge of how to get things set up! I'm sure my oh-so-technical husband could figure it out for me, but I hate to bother him with it. So I stumble along the best I can.

I need to add in a way for folks to be able to comment on my posts. Right now I have the c-box in the right side-bar, but I think people miss that. I also need a way to add RSS so I can be added to reader lists. I'm looking into "fixes" for those two issues... if I can find a simple enough tutorial or template to help me get it all set up.

I did discover that Blogspot allows you to publish to your own domain for free. I think I'll investigate the flexibility of their layout templates and see what I come up with. Put on your hard-hats! This site is under construction!

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