Thursday, May 31, 2007

Going camping

After a cold and rainy Memorial Day it is turning into a lovely weekend, so we plan to take the trailer out to the state park for a couple of nights. We'll go tonight, and my husband will come back into town for work tomorrow. There is no cell phone service or internet out there, but I plan to take my laptop to try to get caught up on a couple of projects while the kids explore tomorrow. Even though the state park is only about 15 miles from here, there is just something so relaxing about getting away to the [semi]wilderness. Chatting by the campfire under the stars in the evening... enjoying coffee and devotions, fresh air and bird songs early in the morning... sending the kids off with the walkie-talkies to wear themselves out "exploring"... these are a few of my favorite things!

Speaking of outdoor activities, Bzz Agent sent me a couple of new products from Off! to try out. One is the "Power Pad Lamp". It's actually an insect-repellent candle with a treated pad that the candle warms. We tried it out the other night when we were grilling out on the patio. I was really impressed with how well it worked. It generated a little smoke but was totally unscented... so no unpleasant smell or burning eyes... and we had no problems with mosquitoes that night. They also sent me a can of "Smooth and Dry" spray-on insect-repellent that sprays on dry! I'll be taking that along to try out while we're camping. If it's not sticky and stinky I bet the kids will be much more willing to have me spray them! You can check these new products out at

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