Monday, May 28, 2007

Ramblin' Update

My husband peeked in on my blog over the weekend and said, "Just book reviews?!? How boring!!" I have to admit that seven book reviews in one week is a little much... but, hey, they all look like good ones, don't they? Still... I guess it's time to move on.

We got a couple of large orders in recently for the "I See Sam" readers we print. That has kept us busy every evening for the past couple of weeks. It's just a little side-business I started, so we have to do it during off-hours at the print shop. We were happy to finish with the large orders on Friday so we've had the long weekend to catch up on other "little jobs" (as my Grandmother liked to put it).

Oh... and by the way, if you ever need to ship something to Canada and you check shipping rates online... FedEx Ground is not an option! It appears to be the most economical shipping option, but ummm... no. That is, unless you have a broker in Canada who will process your packages through customs for you. A better choice is USPS Global Priority even though it appears to be more expensive. I know this now... but only after lugging my heavy boxes in and out of 4 different places over the course of 3 days. Very frustrating experience!

On Saturday my husband impressed me with his creativity... and since he complained that my blog was boring, I'll just blog about him! Last summer he got to buy a pickup, and he's had so much fun with it. This is the first time in his life he's had a truck. One of the first things he did was build a rack for it. He did a good job with it, but one of the cross pieces blocks the brake light. Last week he had an idea of what to do about that. He made a stencil and then cut out the word "Dodge" using a jigsaw. I think it looks really cool... but I think he could have come up with something more personalized than the brand name of his truck! I suggested "Dad's Toy" or even our last name... but nah, he just wanted "Dodge". Who did you say was boring?!?

In other news... we finally have a Sonic in north Idaho!!! We moved here from Kansas in 1998 and that is probably the one thing I have missed the most. Every time we went to see my parents in Arkansas these past 9 years I would have to have my "Sonic fix"... cherry limeade, lemon-berry slush, cherry-lime Coke... Mmmm-mmm! About 5 or 6 years ago they got one in Boise, but that was still 8 hours away. Then last summer they opened a drive-in in Spokane... just 30 minutes away! We were so excited! A month or so after that one opened we found out that they had plans to open several more in our area soon, with the next one to be in Post Falls in the spring of 2007! We have watched the building site (only about 7 miles from our house) with great anticipation the past couple of months. My husband predicted it would be open by Memorial Day. As we watched them finish it up last week we just weren't sure if they would make it, but we noticed on our way home from church yesterday that they appeared to be OPEN! We try to observe the Sabbath by not going out to eat or shopping on Sunday, so we didn't stop. But my dear husband headed back down there today! He told me he was "going to get gas" but he was gone longer than it seemed like he should be. After a bit the phone rang. He was calling to find out what I wanted for half price from Sonic! Apparently they were only open a few hours yesterday and a few today as training for the car hops, so everything was half price. He said he thinks they will be open regular hours starting tomorrow. Wonder if they will have afternoon "happy hours" with half price drinks?

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