Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Trip to Boise

We had a good time on our trip to Boise this past weekend. We headed down on Thursday as it is an 8-hour trip and the convention started on Friday morning. Strangely enough, the easiest way to get from northern Idaho to southern Idaho is to head west and then south through Washington and Oregon. There is no north-south interstate in Idaho. Thursday at lunch-time my husband had the idea we could stop at McNary Dam on the Columbia River along the Washington/Oregon state line. It was a beautiful day for a picnic, but first I insisted we visit the Pacific Salmon Visitor's Center that is at the dam. We learned how they load salmon on barges to transport them past 8 dams on their way out to the Pacific Ocean! Who knew? There is also a fish ladder there where the ones who miss the boat can swim over the dam. That was a fun stop!

We stayed at a nice RV park in Boise. It was typical of most RV parks, pretty much a parking lot with miniscule strips of grass between each one. We prefer real campgrounds for relaxing getaways, but just for a place to stay, this is fine. It had a really nice club house with an indoor pool and spa, an exercise room, and a "family room" with a fireplace, big screen TV, jigsaw puzzle going on the table, that kind of thing. The kids and the dog enjoyed the playground. It tickled the girls that the dog would actually play on the slide, so they had to take the camera down and get some shots of that!

On Saturday evening my brothers and their families joined us for a cookout. It was great to get to see them and have a chance to visit. We were happy that it worked out for them to come over.

And, oh, yeah... there was also the homeschool convention. I stayed pretty busy talking to people about Sonlight. My booth was across the aisle from Apologia's. Dr. Jay Wile was one of the keynote speakers. I had a chance to talk with him about plans for high school science since my daughter is not real strong in math. That was cool! My husband and I also got to sit in on the keynote session on Saturday morning presented by Steve and Teri Maxwell on Keeping Our Children's Hearts. The vendor hall did not open till after that. Lots of good food for thought and discussion.

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