Thursday, August 30, 2007

Lesson Plans

My goal for today is to finish getting a school schedule mapped out for the next few weeks. We actually started school "part time" (2-3 days a week) about the middle of July, but we need to get back into the regular school routine starting next week. That's when the public schools around here start, too, so the kids are geared up for it.

Starting high school means more record-keeping for this relaxed-homeschooling mom. I want to keep track of what we study as we go along so I can present my daughter with an official-looking transcript, along with her diploma, 4 years from now. (Yikes! Only 4 years? I'm running out of time!) I am using the free Homeschool Tracker software to make lesson plans and keep a record of what we study and read. It is somewhat time consuming to get it all set up, but I think I'm going to like it once we get going.

I wasn't sure if we would participate in very many outside activities this year, but two opportunities have come along that we are going to try, at least. First is a 4-day-a-week after-school babysitting job for my daughter. She is excited about her first regular "job" but we have cautioned her that she will need to keep up with her other responsibilities if she is going to have time to "work". We hope this will be just the goal incentive she needs to motivate her to stay on task.

The other weekly activity that we have agreed to is a "home-ec class co-op" with two other families. The moms will take turns teaching the young ladies various home skills -- cooking, sewing, hospitality, etc. A lot of that the girls pick up just in our day-to-day lives, especially the cooking and hospitality... but I don't seem to ever find the time to sit down and teach sewing and things like that, so I think a scheduled time will be helpful.

And now... I think I've procrastinated long enough!! Time to shut down the web browser and open up the Homeschool Tracker and finish getting stuff set up for Tuesday.

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