Monday, August 27, 2007

North Idaho Fair

I guess it's time for my usual week-end report. We have had so much fun this summer... with a variety of family outings almost every weekend. Keeps us hopping, but we are creating great memories with our kids... so that makes it worth it!

This past weekend we went to the North Idaho Fair. We are not involved in 4-H but we have lots of friends who are, so it's fun to see their exhibits. Other years we have entered various things in the open class exhibits, but we didn't this year, due mainly to the busy-ness mentioned above... I mean, after all, there is only so much one family has time to do!

We got to the fairgrounds soon after they opened on Saturday morning, not realizing that the buildings didn't open until an hour later. Oh, well... that was a perfect opportunity for my husband to leisurely check out all the outdoor vendors such as the tractor dealer (NO, we are not farmers, nor do we own property, so have no earthly use for a tractor!!), the ATV dealer (hey! only $49 a month!), the snow-mobile dealer, the Dodge dealer (we could win a brand-new mega-cab pick-up!), and the vintage farm implement exhibits. Dontcha know the girls and I were just so thrilled?

Finally the buildings open so we enjoyed looking at other exhibits: the commercial buildings, the home arts building, and all the animal barns. By the time we did all that and ate lunch it was time to go stake out our seats in the grand stand for the rodeo. I actually enjoy watching the rodeo. It never much appealed to me, but my family talked me into watching it at the fair a couple years ago, and much to my surprise, I actually enjoyed it!

We headed home after that, but our teen daughter went back yesterday afternoon to help with a puppet ministry. Typically we don't participate in "secular" activities on Sundays, but since this was a ministry effort we felt it would be okay. She reported that they did several skits over a 3-hour period and the response was very good, so I think the whole team was encouraged with that. They've been working hard with the puppets for the last couple months.

I didn't take my camera, so no pictures this time.

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