Saturday, November 17, 2007


After months of anticipation, the new Cabela's store in our area finally opened last week. I had never been in one before. I could not understand what the big to-do was. Just another "man store" with huntin' and fishin' gear. We already have Sportsman's Warehouse and Joe's, plus some non-chain "outfitters"... Occasionally I like going in those places with my husband to look at camping gear, but mostly it's just another "man store"... you know, like Lowe's and Home Depot, for the do-it-yourself projects... oh, yeah... then there's Best Buy and Circuit City for the nerdy side. It's gotten to where my husband almost enjoys shopping more than I do! (Which really wouldn't take much, as I'm not much of a shopper.)

Anyway, my husband decided that Thursday evening would be a good time for us to check out the new Cabela's. So we did. And just let me tell you, it is much cooler than the other "outfitter" stores around here. There are more interesting things to look at than guns and fishing poles and camo clothes. My favorite part of the store was the "Home and Cabin" department. I also liked their ladies clothes. The whole family was fascinated with "Conservation Mountain" in the middle of the store with dozens of real "stuffed" animals. It was really neat to be able to see the animals much closer than we ever get in the wild, or even in a zoo or something.

What I'm wondering is if I could log that as a field trip in my homeschooling records?

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Vader's Mom said...

Does yours have a fudge shop? Ours does. That's why I'm not allowed to go anymore! :)