Saturday, December 1, 2007

Just Ramblin'...

I know, my blog been heavy on the book reviews lately. Not that I've been reading excessively... just posting the book blog tours on schedule.

Speaking of books, I have some winners to announce! A copy of For Parents Only will be going out to Canda and Denise... and a copy of When the Morning Comes goes to Lorna. Congratulations, ladies. Hope you enjoy the books!

I participated in NaNoWriMo for the month of November, and to be honest I think that's where most of my creative writing energy went. I didn't make the goal of writing 50,000 words in one month (I finished the month at just over 30,000), but it was a good exercise for me, and I'll probably do it again next November.

My just-for-fun creative activity for the month of December is to participate in Holidailies. The goal for this month is to post a blog entry every day. Somehow I think that will be easier than writing 50,000 words. No, I won't be writing an original, thought-provoking essay every day (that would be harder than writing 50,000 words), but you might be interested in updates on our family's holiday activities, or special recipes we enjoy this time of the year, or maybe some pictures from time-to-time, and, of course, a few book reviews here and there. So... I invite you stop back throughout the month... and if you decide to participate in Holidailies, too, let me know!

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