Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Simple Gift Wrapping

I was raised to be frugal. We didn't have a lot, and what we did have we made the most of. My mother would save wrapping paper from one year to the next and re-use it for family gifts. She'd caution us, "Now try not to tear the paper!" And when gift unwrapping time was over she would carefully smooth out the crumpled paper and fold it up to re-use next year. No, she didn't get upset if we tore into the wrapping paper. She was never that uptight about it. But she did try to recycle whenever she could. Later she discovered reusable gift bags and gift boxes, which is mostly what she uses now, I think. But I betcha she still has some carefully smoothed out used wrapped paper stashed away somewhere!

Inheriting this tendency to the frugal, but in actuality looking to save time more than the few pennies wrapping paper costs, I decided to go with preprinted gift boxes for our family here at home last year... and I love them! I bought 2 or 3 bundles of assorted sizes (shirt box size, one a little bigger, and one a little smaller). Most of what I'm giving to the kids and my husband fit in these boxes. Clothes in the larger two sizes. Books, DVDs, craft supplies, etc. in the smaller size. Pop the gift in. Add some tissue paper if needed. Tape it in 2 places. Voila! Under the tree it goes.

No, they aren't elegant packages. But they are festive enough with pictures of Christmas-y things like snowmen, Christmas trees, holly, Santa, etc. Makes Christmas morning clean-up easy, too. Just collect and flatten the boxes and pack them away to re-use next year.

Gift bags are even easier to use and re-use. The problem with those is that it's easy to "peek"... and since we start putting gifts under the tree as soon as the tree goes up, that doesn't work real well for us.

Re-usable gift boxes. Works for me!

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Jacquelyn said...

Hi! I use fabric bags and Christmas motif nesting boxes, but no tape on the boxes. Every box is wrapped with ribbon and a bow that is actually a knot that cannot be untied!

Karla said...

What a great idea! I'm going to watch for some of those nesting boxes in the after-Christmas sales this year! That would be a good size for gifts that aren't necessarily flat.