Friday, December 7, 2007

Workin' Hard

During the week before Thanksgiving my husband and his brother remodeled the front office of the print shop. My brother-in-law directed the construction, while my husband took care of the electrical work. They built 2 walls to make one large room into 3 smaller ones. They did a good job. Everything looks great!

What was not-so-great was the number of hours they had to work to complete this project. My husband told me he worked 165 hours in his last 2-week pay period. A-ha! That would explain why we didn't see much of him during that time. It would also explain why the man falls asleep every time he sits still for longer than 5 minutes.

Just as soon as the construction project was finished, the shop got in a huge collating/binding job, so we're not seeing much of "Daddy" this week either. Last night he asked us to take him supper. We were happy to do that, as the kids hadn't seen him since Monday night. After we ate I offered to help with the collating. He was hesitant. "Oh... I doubt it would make much difference." Obviously, I work slower than he does, but I told him, "Look! If I work for an hour maybe that will be a half hour less that you would have to work." So I jumped in and helped for about 3 hours. I think we actually got more done with me helping than he thought we would. My feet and legs are sore from walking around and around on the concrete floor, but that's probably good for me! And I know it's good for my morale to spend time with my husband...!


Dori said...

too bad he's on salary! I've been feeling the pain of a salaried posistion this week too!

Karla said...

He's not on salary! Believe me, we are appreciating the overtime pay!