Thursday, February 7, 2008

Bloggin' Blessing

I've seen this little candle on several blogs recently. It seems to be making the rounds... and today it lights up my blog as a special "blessing" from Rachel at A Romantic Porch. I guess the idea is that if someone dedicates it to you, you're supposed to post the image on your blog and dedicate it to some of your blogging friends who are a special blessing. Then you can keep it on your side-bar if you like. I don't know if there is a certain number of people you are supposed to name... but I decided to limit it to three. Otherwise, I'd probably end up listing everybody on my blogroll... which I guess would be okay... but in the spirit of the game, I'll keep it down to these three:
  • Dori at A Moment in Time, my sweet sister who has been blogging along with me for several years. We were reading each other's blogs back when no one else we knew was blogging! Her most recent post, about The Tooth Fairy, has inspired my post for Show & Tell this week. You'll have to come back tomorrow to read the story and see what I have to show you about that. (But you can go ahead and click through to Dori's blog to read her cute story! Tell her I sent you.)
  • My childhood friend, Denise Truesdale, with whom I have recently reconnected through the "magic" of blogging. I am enjoying catching up and getting reacquainted with her.
  • Farrah at Light in the Sphere who just starting blogging a few days ago, but already has several very interesting posts. She struggles daily with physical challenges but has a such a sweet spirit that she it is an inspiration and blessing to me.


A Romantic Porch said...

Karla, What great choices! I will enjoy visiting their blogs! ((Rachel))

Farrah said...

Karla, you just gave me such a blessing! I feel SO special right now! In the blogging world, I see you standing on this gigantic high pedastal, and I'm looking way up at you. I probably count for more than half of the hits on your site each day, because I am always looking at it for a model and a guide for the next thing I can add to mine. (Not trying to copy! Really!) I hope you have a wonderful day, especially since you just made mine more wonderful!

Charlotte said...

Yes, Karla. This is a fun thing to do. Thanks for visiting my blog again and for the comment you left.
Blessings today and always.

Penless Thoughts said...

Congratulations on this sweet award.