Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Favorite Web Stores

"Works for Me Wednesday" has a theme this week. We are all to share our favorite web-stores. Here are some of mine--with links, of course! If I left off your favorites, feel free to share them in the comments!
  • Amazon. I suppose this is probably on everybody's list. I like that they usually have the cheapest prices and free shipping on orders over $25. I have even set up my own store-front listing all of my favorite books, movies, and more!
  • CBD. A great source for Christian materials, with good prices.
  • Deep Discount. I've ordered DVD box sets from them a couple of times, at prices even cheaper than Amazon.
  • Sonlight Curriculum. This, of course, is where I order my homeschool curriculum... and "just great books."
  • Timberdoodle. Another great source for homeschooling materials and fun games for your family. I have gotten to know the family who owns this company at some of my homeschool conventions, and I really admire them.
  • A Romantic Porch Boutique. Unique gifts and collectibles.
Online shopping works for me!


michelle said...

You have listed all of my favourite stores as well. The only one you missed on your list was I order from them all of the time...homeschool books and Christian fiction for the most part. A search online can often turn up coupons for Bookcloseouts as well...usually saving $5 on a $35 order, which essentially covers their shipping. They just released a couple of awesome coupon codes yesterday, one of which was $5 on a $25 order...the cheapest you will ever find their books. Contact me if you would like them. You can read a past WFMW post that I wrote about BCO at

Thanks for sharing your list.


Farrah said...

Thanks for the compliment! I was a poet and didn't know it! Harhar...original, huh?

Hey, I'm anticipating looking around Timberdoodle! Thanks for the links!

Hope said...

Hi Karla,
I'm trying to catch up tonight on my visiting. Just wanted to pop in and say hello and to thank you for your prayers. DH was released to go back to work today so his blood thinner is doing its job. Thanks for your concern. I hope to be back in the swing of things for a while at least.