Monday, March 24, 2008

A Gang of Elk

"Watching the scenery" is one of my favorite things about road-trips, or even just "going for a drive." My husband loves to drive, and I like to ride along to look out the window, so that works out well. Early in our marriage, when we couldn't afford to do anything else, we would just go for a drive for something to do. With the price of gas skyrocketing these days, our pleasure drives are beginning to fall in the "luxury" category. But I digress. I was talking about the lovely scenery.

We love to watch for wildlife on our drives, and the other evening as we drove to the airport to pick up my parents we saw several herds of deer along the highway. We estimated there were probably 50 deer in all! At a certain time of the evening, you can almost always count on seeing deer if you're out-and-about at all in our area. It was unusual to see that many, though, unless maybe we just hadn't been on that stretch of road at that time of day before. I don't know. But I got to wondering if "herd" was the proper term for a group of deer. So I looked it up... yes, "herd" is acceptable, but a group of deer can also be called a "leash" or a "mob." A leash?? Wonder where that came from? That makes no sense! I like "mob." So. Yes, we saw several mobs of deer the other night.

Then just this past Saturday we were excited to spot a herd of elk along the road between our old house and our new house! Elk sightings are more rare than deer sightings, especially this close to town, and especially a whole "gang" of them all at once! Yes, a group of elk can be called a "gang"! We wondered if vegetation had gotten scarce up in the mountains due to fresh snowfall and so they had come closer in to graze. In any case, it was exciting to see them!

We also like to watch for moose, but they are more rare even than elk, and unless you count the mother and her baby we saw together last summer, we've never seen a group of moose. What would they be called? Meese? Hmmm... I doubt it... Maybe a "maggle"? You know... a gaggle of geese, so a maggle of meese? Nah. That's just plum silly.

Off to look it up.

Oh, how boring. A herd. That's it.

What a let-down! We have a "mob" of deer and a "gang" of elk, but just a plain ol' "herd" of moose?



Brumbemom said...

Karla, That painted a vivid picture. My family and I like to just drive as well, we call it rambling. We live in the souteast, but we were able to take a long road trip out-west a few years back and drove through Couer d'Alene and I thought it was one of the most beautiful places I had ever seen. I always tell my husband I want to move to Idaho. He thinks it would be too cold!Great post!

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

This was a fun post. Here, the deer and other creatures are in distress as the snow is so deep and they can't find food. Perhaps that is the reason for your seeing the mobs, gangs, and herds. It's a little frightening to see that many right along the road since one can do plenty of damage. Hope that none had a mob mentality. ;)

windycindy said...

Hi, One night, I was taking my elderly father home the country way! We went around a sharp curve and as my headlights shown in front of us, there were 3 white-spotted baby deer! No mother was in sight, but we knew they were probably standing in the corn fields. We had to completely stop. They just stared at us and we looked on in amazement. It was wonderful. Cindi

A Romantic Porch said...

Karla, I am so excited to know that. I truly do like to know the proper names for groups of things. Love,RAchel

Toots said...

That was an enjoyable, informative, and funny post, Karla. We go to Jackson Hole, WY nearly every year at least once. So far, we have seen deer, elk, and a moose or two every time.
It's amazing how a person is always excited to see them no matter how often you've seen them before. Guess it's part of the wonder and awe God added to our existence...a little more joy in the journey. Hope you all are enjoying your new home!
Your neck of the woods sounds like a wonderful place to live!

Farrah said...

Entertaining and educational post, Karla! Ah...the days when we use to just drive...I remember that. You know, we almost never "just drive" anymore. I wonder if we will get back to that when Kylen is older. Right now, he gets bored so easily in the car!

Carole said...

I enjoyed your post, Karla. We live in a subdivision in the South on a wooded lot. My husband likes to watch deer rather than hunt them, so last summer he put food out for them. We regularly had 2-3 does and fawns in our yard, fairly close to our house, and never tired of watch them.

Melissa's Cozy Teacup said...

I usually see more 'wild life' in my and my sister's neighborhoods than in the high country of Colorado. We have deer that wonder our neighborhood like stray dogs. Maybe they are called a leash because they usually walk in single file?
Thanks for the comment on my blog. It's so great to receive such positive feed back.