Monday, April 7, 2008

More of Him Monday

My husband and I have been standing in awe lately watching God work in our lives. If you've been following my blog for awhile you may remember the rough patch we went through last summer as our beloved church literally shattered around us. It was such a devastating time, and we wondered why God would allow it to happen. We have been praying that God would show us where he would have us to serve next, and just haven't felt His clear leading to another local church, so we have been just been worshiping as a family throughout the fall and winter. We did start a mid-week Bible study with some friends (from our former church family) in our home last fall, but we felt limited in inviting very many others to join us, due to the set-up of the apartment we lived in. Now this spring God so very clearly worked out a way for us to have a much-more-comfortable new home... and we are so excited about the possibilities of using our home for His glory! We have invited other families to join us on Wednesday nights... so we'll see what happens.

The other opportunity for ministry that has opened up for me just recently is through this very avenue of blogging. I have had a blog (maintained off-and-on) since 2002, but just within the past year started keeping up with it regularly. For the past 4 months or so, I've been posting almost daily... and visiting other blogs that are such an inspiration to me. Personally, I don't find myself posting inspirational posts very often, but I've been praying that the Lord would show me anything that He would like me to share. I like this "More of Him Monday" meme, and it is kind of a goal-incentive for me to think throughout the week of what I could share on Monday.

However, my two very favorite pastors have consented to allow me to start and maintain blogs for them. They are my dad, Rev. Darrell Ezell, and my own (now former) pastor, Rev. W.L. Boone. Both of them have messages to share, but neither know very much about the internet and blogging, so as an area of ministry I offered to do it for them if they would e-mail me their articles. They view it as a favor to them, but I view it as a blessing to me! I look forward to reading their messages each week as I post them.

Dad's blog has been up for several months now, and some of you have visited him at Ozark Country Parson.

Pastor Boone's blog is brand-new this week. It is called "In the Cool of the Day." Stop by and welcome him to the internet!

I still don't understand everything that has happened. I don't know what the future holds. But this I do know: I want to be in the center of God's will... and so I am at peace.


Farrah said...

Praise the Lord, Karla!! I have wanted to do the More of Him Mondays each week, but our weekends are so busy lately, it seems I don't have much time for blogging until Monday night! I agree though that blogging is a great way to do more ministry, to inspire, be inspired, and reach out to thirsty souls...

Simply Heart And Home said...


Your More of Him Mondays is such a good idea. What a blessing.

We recently left our church that we had gone to for many many years. It is very sad. We're praying for a new church as well.


Heather said...

Karla, thanks so much for sharing this as part of More of Him! The reason I started blogging was to encorage others in their faith. Knowing that I have to post for More of Him keeps my spiritual eyes open throughout the week too!

We also love hosting small Bible studies in our home. It's been a few years, just because of life changes. But that small group fellowship can be so sweet and encouraging!

I'll have to check out your pastor's and your dad's blogs!

Thanks for sharing!

Carole said...

Karla, it's great to see how God is opening doors and using you, even when things seem to be falling apart.

I am constantly amazed by technology and the way preachers and other church leaders are able to minister through blogs. Another area is that I recently bought an iPod, and now I listen to podcasts of Bible teachers while exercising, working, etc.

I look forward to more "More of Him Monday" posts.

e-Mom said...

I'm thrilled that the Lord is giving you into more blogging opportunities. I guess that makes you a web master!

Your mid-week Bible study could grow larger as well.

Bless you for your dedication and outreach.

Hugs, e-Mom @ Chrysalis

MyJourneyBack said...

Wow. What an amazing way that God has given you to share his word. I always hope when I write a post that someone will get something out of it. Isn't it amazing when you see God opening doors when you thought that you were washed up so to speak. I am so happy for you that you are able to serve him. And a new house wow. That is cool too. I will definately read more of your posts and come by as often as I can. I hope you will visit me again and hopefully I'll share something that will bless you. Thanks so much for this amazing post. It brighten my day.

Mary@notbefore7 said...

"I want to be in the center of His will"


NIce to "meet you"

A Romantic Porch said...

Karla, That is so absolutely awesome! I think it is great. glad it is working out. Love,RAchel

Toots said...

Karla, somehow I missed this post on my Google reader. I had time tonight to actually go directly to blogs. So glad I came to yours. This is an amazing outreach arena, and I'm so happy (with you) for this oppotunity with hosting these new blogs.
I too have found such wonderful inspiration on blogs I visit from time and time, and want mine to be helpful to others as well.
God is good. These are difficult times--in ways so different from past ages, but I believe He can use the circumstances that happen--choices people make and the sometimes painful consequences that follow--to continue to conform us into the image of His Son. That's what it's all about from what I understand. I am really sorry for the pain you all have, no doubt, felt with regard to the church situation.
Bless you, my friend!

Toystory said...

Churches are strange places. About 23+ years a small close knit church in the US(about 200 members) -- strangely the Lord started to move all the people out; job transfers, etc, etc. ~~ even my family was involved in a life changing move to another state. I think the remainder was those that were led astray ~~ because they did things I believe aren't biblical -- not things the world wouldn't think normal or OK, but not biblical. He took the faithful out, moved by life and circumstances, till all that remainded was the chaff -- and then that church fell apart rather quickly.

Here in our new state, we thought we had found a biblical home, but alas when I got ill, they all acted as if they didn't know us. After 10+ years no one from that church in which we were active, teaching Sunday School, working in the nursery, secret pals, audio recordings, bible studies, dinners. NOT one person in that church even called to ask why we were gone. No one cared.

However I believe the Lord always knows these issues - and is sufficient even for a time like this. His purposes for doing things aren't always clear - now or later. But whenever something very strange happens, I always think it's the Lord at work in our lives.

But I know it's important to have fellowship with other believers, so - Hope you find a new church home very soon.