Friday, May 16, 2008

"Tea Room Ventures & Venues?"

This week's theme for the Gracious Hospital-i-Tea blog-a-thon is to tell of our favorite tea room. Would you believe I've never been to a real tea room? I think it would be fun! Just never had the opportunity, I guess. So I'm going to tell you about my favorite coffee shop, instead. Hey, they serve tea, too! Close enough, don't you think?

Last fall my friend, Jan, opened Pleasant Land Books & Espresso just a block down the street from where we lived. It is such a fun, cozy book and coffee shop. She has a huge cushy couch besides several tables for gathering around, and lots of books! I really enjoyed popping in often while we lived in the neighborhood.

One day last winter I needed to meet with some ladies to show them Sonlight Curriculum, so I made an appointment with them to meet them at Pleasant Land. While we were there someone from the local paper came in and took our picture! Jan was running a series of ads in the paper and needed some more pictures of folks enjoying the shop. We were happy to be her models. And here's "our" ad:
Now, I'll admit, I usually have a caramel latte at the coffee shop, but this is also where I first tasted chai tea. Before the shop was officially open Jan invited some of her friends and family in for an evening of testing and tasting. She was practicing making drinks and she needed lots of testers! As I read over her menu I mentioned that I had never tasted a chai tea latte... so she whipped one up for me. Now that's decadence!


A Romantic Porch said...

Now that sounds like fun just a block away, back then! xorAchel

Toots said...

Wow! I can't imagine the joy of having a REAl coffee shop that close! What fun!

Carrie said...

In this town we have a store which is a Hallmark and new book store. I would love to have a bookshop which sold old books. Even better is tea service was included.

Farrah said...

Fun post, Karla! Hey, visiting tea houses is one of my interests. I'm about to visit the last main one on my list in the area. If you ever wanna go for high tea, let me know! I can give you the run down on what I like at each one, and I'm always happy for an excuse to go back. I like to do the nicest ones which run about $20 per person. I know that's expensive, but to me it's worth it for the full experience which is way beyond what you would get for a meal at a nice restaurant for the same price. :-)

La Tea Dah said...

The neighborhood 'coffee shop' (that wisely sells chai tea!) sounds perfect! I think it's really neat that they not only have wireless internet, but also board games and a cozy place to sit and chat. There aren't enough places in the world for that these days.

Great post!


Charli and me said...

What fun! The coffee shop is like I would envision a tea room if I had one. Chia tea is delicious! Thank you for sharing.

ellen b. said...

Oh what fun Karla! It sounds like a great pairing books and espresso!

Joyce said...

I LOVE Chi Latte Tea......ummm. The only place I can get it is at Books-a-Million which works for me. My ideal tea place would be....yes.... a Tea Room/Bookshop!
My good friend and I have "Dreamed" of doing this combo in our area...She used to own a Tea Shop but had to give it up when her husband passed away..
a couple years ago and it's been DEARLY missed by many ever since.
I tell everyone I know to PATRONIZE your local Tea rooms if you like them because they do need your business....our city is HUGE and it can't seem to keep a decent Tea Room open. Many have come and gone through the years.
I hate that part. I think there is only one left and it's usually only open for private occasions...bigger events like Bridal showers and such. Not small groups or drop in's for Tea. So we don't have anywhere to go and sit and chat and enjoy Tea......blah!