Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Reporting from Montana...

Just checking in from Bozeman...

I said I would, and our motel tonight does have internet... so here I am. So far we're on schedule and the trip has been pretty uneventful. Which, of course, is the way we want it, just doesn't make for very interesting blogging! LOL!

We stopped at WalMart in Butte and decided to pick up some sandwiches from the deli for supper to eat in the car. When we got out to the car we started unpacking the bags and realized that the kids' sandwiches were not there. Apparently we forgot a bag in the store. We went back in to look but it wasn't still at the check stand. We figured that whoever was behind us in line probably picked it up thinking it was theirs. So that was a bummer. We are hoping we don't have more "disasters" like we had on earlier trips this summer.

Tomorrow's destination: Salina, Kansas.

Long day in the car!

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