Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - Edition #31 - "S"

Continuing with my alphabet theme, here are 13 things in my life that start with the letter S:
  1. Sage. My second favorite color currently. (My top favorite is red right now... although my favorites change from time-to-time.)
  2. Scrabble. I like to play Scrabble with my husband when we go camping. We've been using the same score pad for about 15 years, and we always mark the date and place. It's fun to look back at past games.
  3. Seafood. One of my favorite types of food. My husband doesn't care for it, so I never fix it at home. It's a treat to order it at a restaurant for a special occasion.
  4. September. The birth month of one of my daughters.
  5. Sisters. I have 2, my husband has 1, and our daughters each have 1!
  6. Soprano. I was a first soprano in my high school and college choirs.
  7. Sonlight Curriculum. The homeschool curriculum I use, and the company I work for.
  8. Spanish. I had one year of Spanish in high school. That's the only foreign language I have studied... and that's the extent of my studies.
  9. Stars. We like to look at the stars as a family activity. We are just beginning to learn about the constellations. It works best when we're camping in an open area away from city lights.
  10. Strawberries. My favorite fruit. (Are berries a fruit? I think they are!)
  11. Stories. I enjoy fiction of almost any genre. I just love stories! Using stories is the best way I've found to teach as well. That's the method Jesus used... and it works for me!
  12. Sunday School. I've been a Sunday School teacher for years, ever since I was a teen, I guess. I've taught every age level there is from nursery to adults.
  13. Sunsets. Each one is different and beautiful. I try to slow down and enjoy the sunset as often as I can.


Yasmin said...

happy tt and I LOVE's my birth month!

Farrah said...

Can you believe when I saw "sage" I thought of "a very wise man" definition first and wondered how that would fit in high on your list of "s" things. Lol!

Strawberries are my fav fruit, too. And I also like seafood! Fortunately Greg and Kylen don't mind it, although I can't handle anything fishy tasting. Cod, halibut, and shrimp for me.

YummY! said...

Scrabble is fun! We play all the time, plus have it on the computer AND just got a new one with a twist called SCRABBLE JOURNEY.

Dawnie said...

I like the scrabble idea. its a joke in my household because out of all of us--(7) i'm the only one who likes scrabble. I would always ask someone to play with me and the house would empty out quick. Now when they are around and I pull out the game--its a huge groan and laugh. Baldyman does play sometimes though.

Brenda ND said...

I'm a long time Sunday School teacher too. :)

pamela said...

Hi karla!
i love sunsets-especially at the beach!

A Romantic Porch said...

You're so creative. xorachel