Sunday, October 19, 2008

Let's Go For a Walk!

Walking is good for you. At least, that's what I hear!

If I must exercise... and I must... walking seems to be the easiest to get accomplished. Or not-quite-so easy to procrastinate as other forms of exercise. Maybe that's what it is.

First, let me just say that I do not enjoy exercise. At all. Never have. Despite being tall enough to be a basketball player, I never liked sports or PE. But when a lady reaches... ahem! ...a certain age, it seems exercise is inevitable if she wants to keep her "girlish figure"... or some facsimile of same, shall we say?

In any case, Lyle and I decided last fall that we should invest in one nice piece of exercise equipment and we could keep each other motivated. After a lot of thought and shopping around, we decided on a treadmill. And we did very well with it last winter. Lyle got up early to do his walking, and I walked in the evening before bedtime.

Then we moved and were working hard to get things arranged and put away in our new house. Plus we had to figure out just the right spot for the treadmill in the new house. Then the weather warmed up, and well, we could just go for walks around the neighborhood during nice weather. And we did. On rare occasions. And somehow 6 months has slipped past.

So, this past week I decided it was time to get serious about exercising again. I tied on my tennies and reluctantly stepped on the treadmill. I was proud of myself for walking a full 30 minutes the first time! So what if I only got up to 2.5 miles per hour?

My accomplishment for this past week was to walk for 30 minutes 3 nights in a row. My goal for this coming week is to walk 5 nights. I'm going to keep track of the miles and see if I can make it over 5 miles this week. Then I will up my goal for next week. I put a little ticker at the top of my blog to track my progress.

What do you do for exercise?


Named Alicia said...

Hey Karla! I try to walk outside, we don't have room for a treadmill. My son likes to go walking, so I try to walk with him during the day. Otherwise, it doesn't get done. We live in a very hilly neighborhood, so it can be difficult. We'll just keep at it & encourage one another along the way! Have a blessed week!

Coloradolady said...

Well, to be truthful, I walk from the laundry room to put a load of laundry in the washer, then back to the computer. Then from the computer to the kitchen to let the dogs out then back to the computer...

I need to get on board too, and start walking...I have totally lost my girlie figure. Go figure.

Farrah said...

I click the mouse. ;-)

We have a treadmill! ...Somewhere in the house. ;-)

It's practically brand new -- only about six years old. ;-)

I know. We should sell it. Oh well! Maybe Kylen will take an interest in it someday!

Edi said...

My exercise routine was exactly the same for about 5 years - then this past winter it changed.

I was doing the Nordic Trak daily - but have since added a few more things...running, biking and weight lifting.

I also do big walks with the kids sometimes.

Thing is when I was doing only the Nordic (plus walks) I was good at doing it daily - but now that I've added other things, plus due to some total exercise stoppages in the summer due to health issues and travel - it's been hard for me to get back on the daily exercise wagon.

e-Mom said...

Hey girlfriend... good for you! I've never tried a treadmill. I've been walking outside every morning for two weeks, AND I've joined an aerobics class. Love it!

Tracy said...

Three months ago I joined a gym and work out vigorously on the stationary bike, then do weights. I go at least 5 times a week. I feel so much better since doing so. I've lost 20 lbs and still have a ways (quite a ways!) to go, but am encouraged by my progress. I really enjoy the stationary bike - I burn about 400 calories in 45-50 minutes, and I get to read while doing so. As a new mom, I've come to appreciate this as "me" time. The treadmill doesn't work for me because I bounce to much to read and I get shin splints pretty often. Keep up the walking! :) Blessings!