Monday, October 13, 2008

Never Miss a Sunset

One of my favorite things about our "new" (we bought it in March 2008) house is how it is situated in our neighborhood. Our subdivision is on a hill and our house is on a corner lot, so we are blessed with a nice view of the sky and distant mountains even though we have close neighbors all around.

We have enjoyed the sunsets from the back deck all year, but a few days ago I noticed that the sunset had moved slightly to the south! Throughout the summer the sunset was behind the neighbor's house, so we had to walk around the block if we wanted to watch it go down. Now that fall is here, the sunset is at the end of the street!

Every evening I try to remember to be in the kitchen about 6:00 to watch the panorama. Tonight I took the camera. But, try as I might, I could not capture the true beauty of tonight's sunset. The picture only reflects some of the spectacular colors, but not the crisp details of the sharply outlined disc as it slipped behind the mountains. That part, you'll just have to imagine.

Have you watched the sunset lately? Isn't God good to bless us with beauty simply for our pleasure?


pse said...

That is a beautiful sunset. The clouds above add so much to the picture.

Toots said...

It IS beautiful! It caught my eye on the google reader immediately! I'm so with you that we are blessed with such beauty which brings pleasure. God is good.

e-Mom said...

You live in a very nice neighborhood. Whenever I see a beautiful sunset, my thoughts turn immediately to God... there's just something so automatic about wanting to thank our Creator. :~D

Karina said...

Beautiful photo, and I can only imagine how much more beautiful it was to see in person. I love sunsets, and always see God's immense love of us when I see one such as this one.

By the way, you won something over at my blog...come on by to see how to claim it! ;-)

Janeen said...

That is a beauty! Great memory and tradition you've started!