Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Must we exercise?

I have a love/hate relationship with my treadmill. Okay, to be perfectly honest, yes, it is mostly hate. I do not enjoy exercise just for the sake of exercise, but I have to acknowledge that it's probably necessary.

Recently we invested in a Wii Fit system in an effort to motivate the whole family to exercise more. I was somewhat skeptical of it's usefulness as a fitness tool. I figured Lyle and the kids were just lobbying for a computer game system and using the "fit" part of it as an excuse to make me think we needed it. After much research, I finally agreed to it, and I have been very impressed. There are a wide variety of different exercises (many in game format) on the program. One of the activities actually works very well in conjunction with the treadmill, so that's helping me enjoy exercising more.

We've made a rule for the kids that they have to earn minutes to play non-physical games on the Wii by logging minutes on the Wii Fit. That is a huge motivation! For Lyle, the motivation is trying to score higher than the kids on the fitness activities... which is quite the challenge! (I'm so far behind all of them that I don't even try.) The motivation for me is tracking my progress daily. I like watching my BMI gradually go down.

With all that huffing and puffing going on, I particularly enjoyed the card Lyle got me for my birthday this week!


pse said...

Yea! for Lyle! That is cute.

Dori said...

I think we are going to get one too! IF we can find one. They had them at Costco a week ago and we didn't have the $ for it then and now they are sold out!

Farrah said...

Lol! Happy Birthday!!

MuseSwings said...

Cute card - blowing out candles can flatten us out - especially when the cake starts looking like an arrival runway at Tampa International Airport.

Named Alicia said...

I love the card! We are contemplating getting a Wii so that we can get the fitness. I keep hearing good things about it. I think I have almost talked myself into it! Thanks for the review!

And Happy Birthday!

LaRona said...

I'd like to try the W. as well...I LOATHE exercise!