Monday, December 15, 2008

Photography Workflow

Cynthia at Life is Good has challenged us to share our "photography workflow." She wants to know "what steps do you take to get your pictures from your camera to your blog and/or photo album?" And since I'm absolutely positive there has to be a better way than how I do it, I decided to participate in the hopes that some of you could give me to some tips on how to streamline the process! So... your input is welcome!

  1. Take pictures. I'm still getting used to my new camera, so I try to take several of the same subject, using different settings and different angles. I don't always end up with what I had in mind, but I'm learning!
  2. Pop the memory card out of the camera and plug it into my card reader. This is so much easier than having to connect the camera to the computer. (I don't have a dock for the camera, so I don't know if that would be easier or not.)
  3. Select "open folder to view files" and then drag the files into this month's picture folder. (Pictures --> Lyle Cook Family --> 2008 --> 0812.) I have other folders for "Extended Family" and "Friends" where I store pictures people send me also.
  4. Once the pictures are on the hard drive I put the memory card back in the camera immediately. I've learned if I don't do it right away I may forget and then get somewhere with "no film" in the camera!
  5. Open this month's folder and click to view them with Windows Picture and Fax Viewer. As I look at them the first time, if any are blurry or bad, I just go ahead and click the delete X at the bottom of the viewer to get rid of that one right away.
  6. Sort the remaining pictures into sub-folders for this month. I always have an "At Home" folder and a "Blog" folder, and then folders for special trips or events.
For blogging:
  1. I edit pictures I want to use on my blog with Photoshop. I just leave them in the "Blog" folder until I'm ready to post on my blog, and then I'll open Photoshop and at least reduce the image size, if nothing else. Sometimes I'll add special effects or text.
  2. I use the the Add Image feature on Blogger to add pictures to my blog. I almost always choose Center and Large for photos I've taken myself.
For albums I've mostly used a combination of Photoshop and desk-top publishing to design my own scrapbook pages in the past, but this year I discovered Smilebox and I love it! It's not as flexible or creative as doing my own, but they have a bunch of cool pre-made templates to choose from and it is super-quick! So here is how I currently do my albums:
  1. Open Smilebox.
  2. Decide what layout design I want for the pictures I am going to work with. Perhaps an outdoor theme for camping pictures, or a road trip theme for vacation, etc.
  3. Drag the pictures for this batch into Smilebox.
  4. Insert them in the boxes. Move them around or zoom if needed.
  5. Add captions.
  6. Send the finished album via email to my mother, my sister, and anyone else who might be interested.
  7. Save jpgs of the album to my hard-drive.
  8. Copy the jpgs to my thumb drive.
  9. Give thumb drive to my husband and ask him to print the pages for me at the print shop where he works.
  10. Receive printed pages from my husband. Insert them into page protectors from Staples and put into binder. (I usually make my pages 8.5x11" so they fit in standard page protectors and binders.)
I rarely print individual photos, like we used to with our film cameras. I mostly share pictures via email or online, and then print full pages for my albums. (I do still have years' worth of printed photos to scrapbook, though, from before we had a digital camera. Maybe I'll get caught up some year!)

I would love to hear your suggestions for further streamlining this process! Any tips for me?

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Hi Karla,

I'm back and so far behind!! :( I have so much catching up to do and lots of reading to see what's going on. Just wanted to say hello and Merry Christmas and please stop by to see me when you get a chance.