Sunday, January 18, 2009

The "Never Ever" Class - Week 1

The long-awaited day had finally arrived. We had signed the girls up for ski lessons and they are scheduled for each Friday from January 16 to February 20. The girls have been wanting to learn to ski or snowboard for a couple of winters, so they were eager to take lessons, and we were able to get a really good rate through our local homeschool group.

It had been really foggy here for several days in a row this week. (I was amused to hear the weatherman call it a "stagnant air advisory".) I had no idea what that might mean for skiing conditions, but up the mountain we went! I was amazed to break through the fog into bright sunshine just where the ski lodge is. See the blanket of white out in the distance in this picture? That's not snow. It's fog hovering over the valley!!
It made for a "warm" day for skiing. I don't know what the official temperature was but it was definitely above freezing. The girls shed their winter coats in favor of hoody sweatshirts, and even then complained about being "hot"!

This was a first-time experience for all of us. I have never skied myself, nor have the girls. So they were in the "Never Ever" group. (Me? I hung out in the lodge with my laptop and a book after I snapped a few pictures!)

Here the ski instructor shows them how to fasten the skis to their boots.
Then the group lined up to practice turning on a flat surface.
And then it was time to take the chair lift to the top of the "bunny hill" AKA Ego Flats.
According to my younger daughter, the hardest part is getting off the chair lift!
They had a lot of fun, and complained about being sore, but are looking forward to learning and practicing more next week.

I think it will be interesting to see what the weather on the mountain will be like from one week to the next.


Toots said...

Oh, this fun to watch! Rebecca is so right; getting off the lift is tricky. Happy skiing, girls!

Katey said...

My 16 year old is still very sore from Friday...the kids had a blast as well and you are right the weather was great....was so great to see the SUN!!!

Kristi said...

Oh, that looks like fun. The hardest part is getting off the lift. And I always seem to have a yard sale on my way down the slopes. People are always kind to bring me my gear. I laugh a lot. Blessings to you!

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

That sounds like fun! I would be in the Never Ever class too!

MuseSwings said...

In the lodge with your laptop? Perfect. I'm proud of you!

It's All Good! said...

I went skiing once. Stayed on the baby hill all day and pretty much on my hiney!
Not my cup of tea.
Glad your girls enjoy it.