Monday, February 2, 2009

Bedroom Makeover in the Works

It's been over 10 months since we moved into our "new" house and I still haven't decorated our bedroom. All the downstairs rooms are paneled in knotty pine, which I love. We've gone with a retro "road trip" theme for the family room, and a "north woods" theme for the bathroom. Neither of those really suit me for the bedroom, though. I want to go with more of a "pioneer cabin" feel, I think, but I'm having a hard time coming up with what that would look like. Maybe y'all can help me?First of all, here's a "before" picture. My mother made the pink and teal drapes and quilt top for me about 8 years ago, and I like them okay... but that was 4 houses ago. They don't suit this room, and besides, I'm kinda tired of them. When it comes to home decorating I try to pick things I won't get tired of before they wear out... but in this case, the fabric was given to me, and I liked it well enough for the house we were in, so I used it. But now I'm ready for something different.

I asked my mother if she would be willing to make me another quilt top, if I bought the fabric and picked a pattern she could do with the strip-piecing method. See, she loves to sew on a machine... and I don't. I do, however, enjoy hand-quilting, so if she will make the quilt top for me, I can quilt it.

She was agreeable to that, so we started looking at quilt patterns. I found a quilt on an Amish quilt website that I just loved. I "borrowed" this picture to show you what I have in mind. I decided on sage green, rather than the blues... and I probably won't quilt the flower outline in the white squares, so mine won't be exactly like this.

Mother emailed me a picture of the first block she made:
I think it's going to turn out very pretty!

For the window, I'm crocheting this:
And yes, I'm sure it will be a year (or more) by the time I get the quilt quilted and the curtain crocheted!

In the meantime, I'm trying to figure out what to put on the walls. No, I will not be painting them. I love the natural knotty pine! I was thinking of dried flowers (lavender maybe?) tied together with string, and maybe some framed vintage photos. Also, there's a 6-inch wide ledge about half-way up the wall along 2 walls. That feature lends itself to creative decorating, too. Any ideas?


Toni said...

Jars ( with perhaps varied heights) filled with different sewing notions? Ribbon, buttons, etc. If the ledge is all the way around the room, seems like a few focal points (like the jars clustered together at one point) would be more than enough. Hmmm, no other ideas come to mind right now. Where's Martha when we need her?

Toni said...
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Toni said...

Farrah said...

My offer still stands to do a painting, but you'd have to tell me what of, style and what colors. :-) Of course, I don't paint big ones yet, but if it were matted and framed it might be an OK size to help fill some of the wall space! Not trying to force my art on you, so don't feel bad at all if this isn't an idea you like. Lol! Or I can still do one for one of the other rooms instead. I'm flexible!

Sandi@ My Yellow Door said...

Hi Karla,
Your quilt is going to be beautiful and the curtains too. Decorating is so much fun, isn't it? Have a lovely day.


Reynie said...

It's gonna look great! I love the quilt already. Great colors and very peaceful. Why not get some extra squares of the quilt made and frame them to hang up. You could also get an old door or window to hang on the wall above the bed--almost like a head board or something.

Laura said...

I have to hurry today as I read, but wanted to say, it's really going to be pretty! I love the quilt colors and pattern, and the crocheted curtain. So pretty.

hennhouse said...

Quilting, crocheting, decorating--you are multi-talented!! I do love the quilt. I just finished a quilt for my daughter's birthday of the "very hungry caterpillar."

Thanks for stopping by the HennHouse! I'm going to have to add you to my reader so I can follow how the decorating comes together!

2L3Bs World said...

Dear Karla,
Thanks for dropping by. Welcome to our world.. I really like your style and the way you express yourself in photos and in words.. Nice meeting you and hope to see you again soon.. God bless..

friendly hello from China

gin said...

You have some great ideas. The quilt and curtains are going to be beautiful. It does take time to decorate. It never gets done overnight.

A Romantic Porch said...

Karla, that fabric and pattern is so beautiful. And how neat to crochet the curtain...never thought of that! xo rachel