Friday, July 31, 2009

Sight-Seeing in South Dakota

Today we hit several of the main "tourist attractions" along I-90 in South Dakota. We have traveled this route many times, but we usually don't take time to stop for sight-seeing. We did this time just to help break the trip up a little.

First up was the Corn Palace in Mitchell. We were interested to learn that the exterior is redecorated every year with several varieties of corn. We laughed to see the birds pecking kernels right off the building!
There were several permanent corn murals inside. I guess the birds (and the weather) can't get to those, so they don't have to be replaced every year.
Further down the highway we stopped at the "world famous" Wall Drug. Why is it world famous? Why, because it is advertised all over the world as being world famous! We even saw one billboard bragging that they have a sign in Kenya, Africa. Now, doesn't that just make you want to go there?
Our final destination for the day was Mt. Rushmore. We timed it so we could be there for the evening program and lighting ceremony.
It was a beautiful, cool evening. The perfect ending to a fun day.


e-Mom said...

Ha! Fun. Thanks for taking me along. :~D


JamaGenie said...

I've been reading your old posts to get caught up on the trip. Then I read many of the ones before that. So interesting! Hope you don't mind that I mentioned Ramblin' Roads in this week's Flea Market Saturday at

Constance said...

I have been enjoying your pictures and soon I will be posting our Yellowstone pics.

What part of Missouri were you in? I grew up in the inner city of St Louis and all of our family is now in St Charles.

Did you make it over to the Crazy Horse Memorial? It's been 17 years since we went to Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse and I really want to go back. I think I enjoyed the Black Hills more than Dave did so we prob won't be back until he retires (in * 6 years).


Ronda said...

I am enjoying your road trip! Great pics...I am sure that you are making awesome memories! :)

Making Memories 1999 said...

I enjoyed your pictures!! Someday, we want to make a trip out west.

Nancy M. said...

Sounds fun! I am glad y'all are having a great time!