Thursday, October 15, 2009

First Things

I think this quiz went around on Facebook awhile back. Just thought it would make a fun blog post...

First Job: Age 14, babysitting for a little neighbor boy. I think I work 2 or 3 hours each afternoon, and made $10 a week!
First Real Job: Age 15, office "clerk" at the Girl Scout council office (mostly filing and making copies). I made minimum wage and was able to put most of it up for college.
First Favorite Politician: I voted for Ronald Reagan for president in 1984. I was 18.
First Car: The one I have now is the first car that we bought as "mine". We were a 1-car family up until that time. It's a Toyota Matrix.
First Sport Played: If you don't count being forced to play sports in P.E. ... then this is a "first" I haven't experienced. No plans to, either!
First Concert: I went to hear the Blackwood Brothers with a friend and her family when I was in junior high. I think that was probably my first exposure to Southern Gospel as such. I wasn't terribly impressed.
First Foreign Country Visited: Canada. We living in Lansing, Michigan when I was 5, and we drove to Detroit and crossed into Ontario for a day trip.
First Favorite TV Show: Little House on the Prairie. Or, at least, I thought it was. We didn't have TV at home when I was growing up, but when I found out there was a LHP show I wanted to see it so bad. I loved the books. Imagine my disappointment years later when I finally saw some episodes in re-runs to discover that the show didn't follow the books. I guess I didn't miss out on much after all.
First Girlfriend/Boyfriend: My husband.
First Encounter with a Famous Person: Gary Smalley assisted at my sister's wedding, and her reception was held at his home.
First Brush With Death: In 2001 I fell asleep while driving 70mph on the interstate. The car was totaled but my children and I walked away unscratched. That was so scary!
First House/Condo Owned: We bought a house in 1991 in El Dorado, Kansas.
First Film Seen: When I was a kid we would occasionally check out a projector and 16mm films from the library. The first one I remember is a Little Rascals silent movie: Saturday's Lesson. That was in the late 1970s... the movie was probably made in the 1920s! LOL!
First Favorite Radio Station: WTGN in Lima, Ohio when I was in high school.
First Book I Remember Reading: Tip. (The first reader in first grade.)
First Meme You Answered on Your Blog: December 2006. Christmas Get-to-Kn0w-You.

Lyle walked past as I was working on this post and asked, "Whatcha doin' with car pictures?" You can depend on it... if it has wheels and an engine it will catch his eye! I hate to disappoint him, but this post isn't really about cars. It just so happens that those are the "firsts" I have digital pictures of. Sorry, hon!


LV said...

What an interesting survey of your life. Bloggers learn more about someone in this manner.

Nancy M. said...

Wow, that is really lucky about that car accident! What a miracle!

Emily said...

Very fun to read! I always enjoy reading these - have a beautiful day! :)

Constance said...

Seeing the way your car was totaled from that accident had to be incredibly scary! Especially with your kids in the car! I remember when our kids were little and how angry I would get when other drivers drove recklessly and I knew that my kids were in the car with me. Thanks for letting us get to know you better!