Friday, July 2, 2010


Last weekend on our hike I took along a tote bag with "necessities" in it, such as snacks, water bottles, and the camera. Lyle offered to carry it for me, but he teased me about having to carry a "purse." I tried to argue that it was a tote bag, not a purse, and that there is a difference-- but he didn't see it that way. Bless his heart, he carried it anyway.

It occurs to me that "bearing one another's burden" involves actually carrying a burden. I'm not sure why I never realized that before. Maybe I thought it was more an expression of concern, a willingness to help out if convenient, or caring enough to pray... but now I can see that it's more than that.

Today I am shouldering several burdens that don't belong to me. They directly affect me, but the true burdens in these situations belong to someone else. My prayer is that the portion I choose to take will somehow lessen the heavy loads that others are carrying, and that it can all be used ultimately for His glory.


Keetha Denise Broyles said...

We went on a hike yesterday of similar magnitude and the only "burden" we took along was my little digi cam.

HOWEVER - - - about halfway in I certainly would have LIKED a water bottle!!

SwapSavers said...

Love the metaphor. Thanks for sharing.

Amber Dawn said...

Your comment was so sweet and so enocouraging...I just knew she had to be wrong and I appreciate what you wrote very broke my heart in another way that she felt that way about her kiddos. :( However, on a positive note I am very excited to read about your adventures and to have found your blog!

Anonymous said...

Following you from Friendly Friday Follow! My blog is if you want to check it out!
Love this post too! Great message!

Michelle Faith said...

I'm a new follower from FF...I love meeting new blogging friends...Have a save happy 4th.