Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tweaking Sonlight Core 6

This year my younger daughter and I are studying world history with Sonlight's Core 6 package. Becky has some learning delays, and retains information best when it is presented multiple times in multiple ways. My older daughter is an auditory learner, so Sonlight-straight-out-of-the-box worked great for her! I'm having to be more creative, this go 'round.

Last year, Becky and I studied American history and we built a history scrapbook using timeline figures, lapbook elements from A Journey Through Learning, and other bits and pieces we found here and there. I was very pleased by how much she remembered later, and she loved the hands-on aspect of it.

I wanted to do a similar project again this year, but wasn't quite sure how to approach it, since world history doesn't lend itself real well to a two-page spread per year. Just 250 years of American history made a pretty fat notebook! After several weeks of trial-and-error I have finally put together an activities notebook that Becky is really enjoying. It's more of a "notebooking" approach, not so much cut-and-paste. It involves lots of copy work which, strangely enough, she loves!

So far I've just put together the notebook for the first semester, based on The Story of the World, Volume 1. I plan to build a similar notebook for each of the 4 volumes, one per semester for this year and next. I started with the Story of the World Activity Book Student Pages. The download version is only $7.95. It has fun activities more suitable for younger children-- coloring pages and easy word puzzles. Becky enjoys that, but I wanted just a little more "meat" to help with retention as well, so I did a lot of Googling for ideas to mix in with the "fun" stuff. I found some really great blank notebooking pages designed to go with The Story of the World at Homeschool Helper Online. Notebooking Nook has more Ancient History/Old Testament notebooking pages, as well. Both of these resources are free for the printing!

After I worked the extra notebooking pages in to go along with the Story of the World, I then went through and selected passages to assign as copywork. I noted the book and page number on the bottom of each notebook page. Now each day she can work on her notebook independently and review what we've read and talked about. I can already see how much better she is retaining the information.

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Shawntele said...

Karla, are you planning on covering all four books in two years? I would love to hear how you are fitting that in, I feel like it is taking us forever to get through the series!
I appreciate the link to the notebooking pages for SOTW, thanks for sharing it! :O)