Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Write Foundation - review

Writing is one of those subjects that is challenging to teach. Writing comes (more or less) naturally to me, and I know good writing when I read it, but it's harder to communicate those concepts to my children. I was glad to have the opportunity to review The Write Foundation curriculum as a member of the TOS Crew this fall. The Write Foundation materials are pretty straight-forward and easy-to-understand. The assignments are appealing and very doable. I also liked that they included Mind Bender (logical thinking) exercises. The Write Foundation offers three levels:
  1. Sentence to Paragraph Writing (suggested ages 11-13)
  2. Paragraph Writing (suggested ages 12-15)
  3. Essay Writing (suggested ages 14-17)
The complete curriculum package for each level includes a spiral instruction manual, loose-leaf student worksheets, and an additional resources CD, and they are available for $100 each. Free downloadable sample lessons are available on their website.

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