Friday, April 8, 2011

Rushing the Season

 When it comes to springtime, I always find myself rushing the season. We still have a lot of gray chilly days this time of year, but we can tell it's spring because the grass is turning green, and bright, sunny days come along more often than they did in the winter.

Pansies and violas thrive in this kind of weather, so last night I brought a 6-pack of happy-faced violas home with me to live on my back porch, just outside the kitchen door. I'll enjoy my coffee out there in the mornings when the temperature warms up just a tad bit.

The lilacs don't think it's quite spring yet. You have to squint to see the tiniest buds on the lilac bush behind the violas. But that's okay. Their time is coming and I will enjoy them when it gets here.

Yesterday morning the ground was covered with snow. It soon melted but remained damp and chilly all day. This morning the sun is shining brightly. It's not exactly warm... but we are headed out this evening for our first camping trip of the season! We will take warm clothes and huddle around the campfire. If it turns out to be too cold for even that, we'll just enjoy playing games around the table in the trailer.

Welcome, spring!

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