Saturday, May 14, 2011

Not Interested

Dear Young Peddler,
Whatever it is you're selling door-to-door in my neighborhood, I'm not interested. Also, you should know, just because my garage door is open and you can see me working in the backyard does not mean you should holler at me to try to get me to buy whatever-it-is-you're-selling. I'm busy. I am not interested in stopping my work to listen to your spiel. No, thank you.

I realize you haven't even had a chance to tell me what it is. Pointing that out to me at the top of your lungs so that I can hear you clear in the backyard through the garage is not going to make me more inclined to stop what I'm doing to listen to you. Unless maybe you think I'll lay down my pruning shears and take off my gloves and come out just so you'll stop shouting at me. Did you think that would increase your chances of a sale? It won't. So please. Just move along.

Thank you!

The Lady of the House

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pse said...

Poor neglected peddler!