Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Changing Seasons

 Summer got off to a late start in our part of the country. It was cool all through July, and was well into August before we had any hot weather to speak of. Obligingly, though, summer is lingering later than usual. We're continuing to have hot weather well into September.

In spite of the daytime temperatures, fall is definitely in the air. Our first clue was the Canadian soccer tournament that took place in the soccer field across the street about 3 weeks ago. I had no idea that the Canadian Geese enjoyed soccer, but they spent several days with us on their way south. We never did see them actually kicking a soccer ball, but I ask you: What else would they be doing over there all that time? Becky enjoyed snapping several pictures, so the photo credit goes to her for this post.

Dark comes earlier these days. Harvest scents are in the air. My mums are budding. Our school year routine is "falling" into place. It's obvious that fall will officially arrive next week.

I'm reminded of something my Granddaddy said in an old letter I came across recently:

Days come and go, years pass so hurriedly: but God is the same and we are happy in Him.
--Gordon Easley, September 16, 1964

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pse said...

I love it! And the geese are beautiful.