Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Etsy Treasury Lists

I have had way more fun that I ever thought I would with my little Etsy shop the past few months. It's been interesting to see the things people like, and what sells. I have also enjoyed the social networking part of the Etsy experience. One feature I really like is the Treasury List. This is where anyone can chose 16 things they like (usually based on a theme) from different vendors and put the pictures together to share. I've had fun building Treasury Lists of my own, but I am especially excited when someone else features one of my items in a Treasury List. Here are some of the recent Treasury Lists that feature something from my shop:

Crochet Fashions features my crocheted lace cuffs. I love the dainty, lacy selections in this collection.
  Coffee with Cream features my set of coffee-colored crocheted washcloths.
My Room is Like a Bit of June features my sage-and-ecru set of crocheted washcloths. Doesn't this seem like a cozy room?
 A Dash of Sage also features my sage-and-ecru washcloths. Sage is currently one of my favorite colors.
I'm honored to be included in these beautiful Treasury Lists. What are some of your favorite finds on Etsy?

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Farrah said...

How exciting! That is SO neat!