Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Little Encourager

I keep meaning to tell you about The Little Encourager. It is a quarterly newsletter edited by a young friend of mine, aMandalin @ Eternity is Closer than You Think. Others on the staff include her sister, Emily the Industrious, and another friend, Kellie Falconer. (aMandalin and Kellie graduated with my daughter at our area homeschool graduation last spring.)

The girls have been producing The Little Encourager for several years and are trying to grow their readership. It includes inspirational articles for all ages and lots of fun activities for young people. The most recent edition is available for free online, to give you the opportunity to see what it's all about. Subscriptions are $12 per year and are available in print format or digitally. Information about subscribing is on page 2 of the current edition. Check it out!


Farrah said...

They do a great job! I love the idea. Too bad more homeschoolers don't put out newsletters!

Angel @ Finding The Inspiring said...

This is really cool! I think it would be a great post for my new blog hop. I invite you to link up and share this over at Follow Me Fridays @ Finding The Inspiring. It's open now if you want to join in. Blessings to you!