Thursday, January 19, 2012

Winter Days

Winter has been late in making her appearance in Idaho this year. That hasn't hurt my feelings much at all. I like having four distinct seasons, but it is my opinion that they should each get exactly 3 months to abide with us! When Winter sneaks in well before the official end of Fall and then lingers around way past when the calendar says it's supposed to be Spring-- well, to put it kindly, she quite wears out her welcome. I hate to tell it on her, but that's what she usually does around here most years.
Not this year. For the past 3 weeks or so we enjoyed day after day of sunshine. Chilly sunshine, to be sure, but after all, it is January. I was happy to soak it in while it lasted. I knew Spring couldn't possibly be arriving this early. I was a little concerned that if we didn't get more snow we might be suffering from a drought come next summer. And much to the delight of the young fry (a la L.M. Montgomery) the snow has finally come.
I took the picture of our backyard  yesterday, and the one of the bistro table on our deck this morning. I expect it will be awhile before I'll be sitting out there for coffee again. The snow is still coming down and piling up even higher. The kids have been out romping in it until their cheeks are rosy and they are worn out...
...ready to come in and snuggle under a blankie with a good book on one's new Christmas Kindle.

We're enjoying the days!


pse said...

What wonderful ways to enjoy the days!

eph2810 said...

Wow - that is a lot of snow. I have not seen snow up close and in person for almost 20 years.

Stay warm and safe :)